Contour Light

Lose at least One INCH at your first visit.


Better Outcomes, Immediate Results, Non-Invasive

Introducing the revolutionary design of the Contour Light System. This technology provides the most effective treatment of any device in this category. Delivering the highest amount of light energy for optimal efficacy. The 635nm technology behind the contour light system has been proven to deliver measurable results in multiple clinical studies, without surgery or pain, and is totally safe for both the patient and the technician.

A Columbian surgeon first discovered that exposing his patients to mid-600nm light prior to a liposuction procedure made their fat much easier to extract, without heat or discomfort. Initial testing indicated the light caused a photo-bio stimulation of the fat-cell mitochondria, starting a chain reaction that opens transient pores in the cell wall and releases the triglycerides (fatty acids, glycerol and water) into the interstitial region of the body. 

These clinical studies proved that 99% of the cell contents were released within 6 minutes of exposure to 635nm light energy and patients experienced an average 3 to 5 inch circumferential reduction of the treated areas with the application of the light alone and no other protocols involved. After years of research, it has been determined that additional steps can dramatically improve results: patient who maintain a healthy diet, perform some minimal exercise and drink a sufficient amount of water will enhance their outcomes.

Contour light's large light pads are coated with a reflective material that concentrates and delivers multiple times more light energy to the treatment area per session than all other systems on the market.  


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