Patient Testimonials


Hi, my name is Mammie. I came to Bigbie Chiropractic office because I had an accident in May 2017. A car struck me while I was walking across the street. My whole entire body was in great pain. I was hurting no matter what I was doing. I was hurting lying down, sitting up, standing up, and especially walking. I wasn’t able to work or do daily tasks. I thought I would never be myself again. I decided to give Dr. Bigbie’s office a try and I began treatment. I received regular chiropractic adjustments and now I feel so much better. It’s amazing! I can do activities and daily chores again. I sleep so much better and I don’t take medication anymore. I want to thank Dr. Bigbie and his wonderful staff for helping me tremendously! I thought I was never going to make it in life. I am free from pain. I am sore in some areas from the injury but it is not like it used to be! 


 Thank you all so much! I feel like I have my life back again. I have improved so much since I have been receiving treatments in the office. Before I came to you I was in so much pain with any movement and I could not sleep at night because the pain would wake me up. There is still a little pain at times but I know I am still healing. I can now walk and I know that I will be able to walk further and longer as time goes on. I want to take my granddaughter to Disney World and now I think I might make it! I had surgery on my left knee eight years ago after a fall. Then meniscus was repaired but I had no follow up therapy. I have continued to have problems with that knee and of course that made me favor the right knee. Several months ago I began having severe pain in the right knee and could not pin point anything that I had done to cause it to hurt so badly. I think I had just over used it to keep pressure off of the left knee. I began to feel like an invalid because there were so many things I could not do anymore. I even had trouble getting my foot up high enough to get in the car. I stayed home more instead of getting out. I only did the things I had to do and let so much go undone. Yes, I do believe I was depressed. I am so glad I took that first step to healing through the treatment in your office. Everyone has been great. I feel comfortable with each step of my treatment and I am treated with respect from everyone. I am amazed that everyone knows my name and makes me feel so welcome. Thank you all for what you have done for me. I will be forever grateful!



A friend of mine gave me a newspaper ad about Dr. Bigbie's office and the fact that they deal with knee and hip pain. Four years ago I tore a muscles in my right thigh and everything on my right side seemed to go into spasm. My back, right knee, and hip hurt so bad. My life became moving from one painful moment to the next. Getting in and out of the car was horrible. Sleeping all night was impossible. Bending over to pet my animals and even getting dressed was so painful. I don't like going to medical doctors and I knew it was a muscular issue. I bought huge bottles of aleve and took 4 or 5 pills every 4 or 5 hours for months even years. I hired a personal trainer but the knee pain continued to worsen. I went to yoga classes to stretch and ended up in bed for two days afterward. Nothing seemed to help. I went to another chiropractor but he only checked for impedance in the feedback to his computer and told me to exercise by crossing my right leg over my left because it wasn't easy to do. I used a foam roller, stretching straps, and more aleve. I found an old bottle of pain pills in a drawer and took those and started missing work. When I went to work every movement was painful except sitting. I was impressed with the number of X-rays taken on the first day I came to Dr. Bigbie's office. The staff, every one of them, was so friendly you just knew they were helping people. When I came back for the evaluation of my situation, I wasn't surprised to find out that arthritis had invaded my right hip and my knees were out of alignment. However, I was promised there was a light at the end of the tunnel. I had been in so much pain for so long that I was really shocked that I could lift my leg and bend my knee to put on a pair of slacks and I didn't break out into sweat. That was probably three weeks into my treatment routine. I have no problem getting in or out of cars. I have no problem standing and moving fluidly anymore. I laugh again. I especially like and appreciate the doctors answering my questions about an exercise or supplement, or even a new twinge I might be feeling. I drive an hour each way to come to the office. I believe when your are investing in your health with the desire to be active at 90 years old. Visiting to Dr. Bigbie's office is the best way to spend my money and my time.





 Bob - Leesville, SC

 Dr. Bigbie Helped My Hip Pain !

Hi, I’m Bob, and I came to Bigbie Chiropractic with hip problems.  I was diagnosed with arthritis in both hips and Dr. Bigbie has helped in relieving the pain.  I’ve had one hip replacement so far, and I’m waiting now for the second, and I’m  really grateful that he  was able to make it tolerable up to this point.  I have been really happy with all of the work that they’ve done to make my life a whole lot easier and more comfortable!  Thank you!


 Janice - Lexington, SC

Hi, I’m Janice and this is my story.  I was vacationing with my family this summer. I was sitting by the pool, and when I tried to get out of my comfy chair I was not able to walk very easily. I had pain running from the top to the bottom of my right leg. I thought I might have pulled a muscle or something. I limited my activities for several days thinking this would improve matters. The pain continued to worsen over the next few months prohibiting me from many activities. My husband and I had planned a bus trip with our Church to the Grand Canyon in September that we cancelled because I did not feel I could make the trip. I visited my family doctor who referred me to an orthopedic doctor. I had an MRI with findings of degeneration of several discs, some disc bulging, and a cyst that was causing nerve root problems. I was given a prescription drug to help with the pain.  On September 20th I had an epidural steroid selective nerve root injection. That procedure did not work for me. I was still in pain.

My husband asked me to please try chiropractic care. He had heard many good things about Dr. Bigbie from one of his friends. I have now been on the Decompression Therapy for two weeks. I know I have a way to go for complete relief, however the pain in my leg is less severe than before. I am able to roll over and get out of bed without making several attempts to get up in the mornings. I played baseball and hide-and-seek with my 7, 5, and 3 year old grandsons yesterday. I was not able to do those things two weeks ago. Dr. Bigbie and his staff have been a blessing to me. They are very knowledgeable with the procedures they perform. I think Dr. Bigbie and everyone working with him has gone above and beyond the call of duty. It is always a pleasure to walk into their office. I feel very confident that they have my best interest at heart. Thank you Bigbie Chiropractic!


 Angela - Lexington, SC

 After 3 Days I Felt So Much Better!

Hi, I’m Angela, and I came to Bigbie Chiropractic because of severe pain in my neck and shoulders. It was so bad that I could not hold my head up or move my arms!  I was getting NO sleep because of the pain, and I was very irritable and grouchy.  I was not able to do my everyday responsibilities: the pain prevented me from driving, or going to work, I couldn’t even bathe or get dressed by myself! I tried heat wraps and hot pads, warm baths with Epsom salts, but nothing worked.  But after 3 DAYS of chiropractic care, I could get washed and dressed on my own! And after one week, I was able to go back to work!  Thank You!


 Carmen - Lexington, SC

 Now I Don’t Need Surgery!

 Hi, I’m Carmen, and I came to Bigbie Chiropractic Office because I had pain in my neck, back, hip, wrist, knee, and foot.  The pain had been there for years, and sometimes the pain in my foot was so bad I could not even walk at work. Every doctor I went to just wanted to give me pain medications and do surgery on my foot and back.  But now, after I started getting regular adjustments, I don’t have any more pain in my right foot! My neck pain is gone, and my back feels much better.  Now I can work better, and I am so happy I do not need surgery!


 Louise - Leesville, SC

 My Vertigo Is Gone!

 Hi, I’m Louise, and before I came to Bigbie Chiropractic, I was suffering from severe lower back pain, pain in my right hip, and vertigo.  I was unable to sleep, and I could barely walk!   Being in pain, I was unable to accomplish my daily tasks and enjoy being with my family and friends.  I went to my orthopedic specialist, but my back was not responding to conventional care, and they were unable to offer me any long term solutions without drugs or invasive procedures.  But after 7 or 8 weeks of treatment here my life began to improve.  My vertigo is GONE! My right hip pain has decreased, AND my lower back pain is GONE!  I am extremely grateful to the doctors and staff at Bigbie Chiropractic.  Let Chiropractic be your first choice, not your last!  Be pain free, begin your treatment today, God is Good!

 Lenny - West Columbia, SC

 My Pain Is Gone!

 Hi, I’m Lenny, and I came to Bigbie Chiropractic office because I was  having a great deal of pain in my right hip area and my neck.  It was so bad I could hardly even walk or sit.  This caused me to struggle with work while on the job and at home.  This problem was so bad it prevented me from standing, walking, sitting, and dressing.  Don’t get me wrong, I could do it, but not for a normal period of time, and I was always in pain.  I went to my doctor about the pain and he treated me the best he could.  He gave me a steroid shot in my lower back, told me to rest and use some ice. However, the pain did not go away, so he recommended me seeing a chiropractor to see if they could help.  I discussed this with my wife, and she recommended Dr. Bigbie’s office because she had used this office before and it indeed made a difference for her.  Once I started treatment I did not see a great deal of improvement at first.  However, it did get me back to work and somewhat of a normal life again.  It wasn’t until about the 5th week when I saw the most difference.  I will never forget it.  It was like a light switch flipped and the pain was gone! And to this day it has not returned.  I feel better than I have in a long time.  It seems like I sleep better, have more energy, I feel more alert at all times.  This improvement has been noticed by my family and coworkers the most.  And of course myself!  This experience has been great.  I am now a true believer in chiropractic and would like to thank Dr. Bigbie and his staff for a job well done!

 Lisa - North, SC

 I Feel Like A New Woman!

 Hi, I’m Lisa, and I came to Bigbie Chiropractic because was having lower back pain that had been there for 5 or 6 weeks.  I wasn’t able to do my everyday duties, I couldn’t clean my home, and I could barely take care of myself!  I was miserable, and so was everyone around me!  My regular doctor wouldn’t even listen to me about my pain, he never even examined me!  All he did was give me pain meds.  Then my aunt told me about Bigbie Chiropractic, and that was a gift from God.  She gave me a gift certificate for my first visit, and that is when I learned about the DRX9000 spinal decompression.  My life has totally changed!  I’m only halfway through my treatments and I’m already feeling like a new woman.  I started some of my exercises recently and I can’t believe how great I feel!  I would recommend Bigbie Chiropractic to everyone.  It has changed my life!  I feel like I’m ready to run a marathon!  Thank you to all the doctors and staff: you all are awesome people.  THANK YOU! 

 Nelson - Lexington, SC

 The DRX9000 Really Helped My Pain!

Hi, my name is Nelson, and I came to Bigbie Chiropractic Office because of extreme pain in my hip and leg. I had trouble standing or walking, and I was uncomfortable sitting. I was losing sleep because of the pain, and it just took pleasure out of living.  I did not want to resort to using a wheelchair, and my children AND great-grandchildren had been helped here, so I came looking for relief!  I had used pain pills, limited my activity, and tried to grin and bear it.  But since I started spinal decompression treatment, I have been able to stop using a walker, and sometimes I don’t even need to use a cane!  The pain has reduced considerably, and soon I will be pain free!




 Margaret - Leesville, SC

 I Move So Much Better Now!

Hi, I’m Margaret, and I have been coming to Dr. Bigbie’s office for nearly six months now.  When I first started, I had to use a walker or a cane every time I walked.  I had a hard time getting up from a sitting position, and I had to stand for a while before I could even move.  My equilibrium was bad and I was very shaky.  I was falling frequently, had migraines often, and was always in pain unless I was at rest. 

Now, thanks to these wonderful doctors and their awesome staff, I walk short distances without assistance, get up much easier, move better with much better balance, AND I’m not so shaky!  My migraines are better and not as frequent.  I’ve never been anywhere where I’ve been so well treated by the whole staff.  Everyone knew my name from the very first day!  They treat you like they really care about you, and they do all of this with a smile from the heart!

 Darrel - Cayce, SC

 They’ve Helped Me Get Out Of Pain and Back To Feeling Good!

 Hi, my name is Darrell Muller, and I started coming to Dr. Bigbie’s office around   May.  When I first started I was in so much pain, my lower back was hurting so much, I was taking a lot of pain pills for it at and just trying to work was really difficult. But I came here and started getting treated on the DRX9000 for my back.  After about two weeks later I realized my pain was gone and I wasn’t taking any more pain pills!  I just felt great! I work 12 hour shift work, and before being treated here, I could not walk out to my car after work without stopping because of the pain. Now, I can walk to my car without stopping without feeling ANY pain at all!  It has really worked out for me very well, and the doctors and staff here have really helped me get back to feeling good in my life.  It means a lot to me and a lot to my family.  Thank you!

 Marie - Lexington, SC

 My Fibro Flare Ups are Less Frequent and Intense!

 Hi, I’m Marie, and I came to Bigbie Chiropractic Office because I was suffering with Fibromyalgia.  For 5 years I was undiagnosed and misdiagnosed, and some doctors told me that it was all in my head.  I found myself with unexplained, all-over body pain that left me anxious, irritable, depressed, and unable to function.  I became quite a homebody.  Several doctors told me that there was no cure.  However, I believe God created our bodies to function perfectly, but often it is in how we live our lives that cause illness and pain. The doctor who finally listened to me and diagnosed me with Fibromyalgia could only offer drugs.  These drugs became a cocktail of various medications, and while they helped some with the pain, they also left me feeling loopy and sleepy, and still not able to function. For me, Chiropractic care is bringing my body back into alignment so that everything can function as God intended.  My flare ups have become less frequent AND less intense since beginning treatment here!  I am now able to decrease my medication dose rather than increase it.  I can see light at the end of the tunnel, and I look forward to throwing paint on my next canvas and painting my next mural.  I give my heartfelt thanks and admiration to the entire staff at Bigbie Chiropractic!

 Amber - Lexington, SC

 I Haven’t Had a Sinus Infection Since February!

 Hi, my name is Amber.  I came to Bigbie Chiropractic because I was having chronic sinus infections.  It was so bad that I was having them every three months.  So I came in back in February, and I haven’t had one since!  And I want to thank all the doctors for their help!



 Gavin - West Columbia, SC

 Now He Is Medicine-Free!

 Hi, I’m Candace, and this is my son Gavin.  We’ve been coming to Bigbie Chiropractic for a couple of months now.  Gavin had chronic congestion and reflux, and exhibited all the symptoms of allergies. We had tried everything! He saw all kinds of doctors and specialists, and had all kinds of tests. They all came back negative. He even had tubes put in his ears, went through breathing treatments and everything.  And he had a whole long list of medications he was taking.  But now his reflux is gone, and his chronic congestion is gone!  And he is medicine-free! I just want to thank all the doctors at Dr. Bigbie’s office. We got more information and advice on what to do and what to take him off here than anywhere else. He actually had a sensitivity to dairy that none of the other doctors or specialists found.  We’re doing great now!

 John - Lexington, SC

 The Pains In My Leg Are Gone!

 Hi, I’m John, and I’ve been taking treatments on the DRX9000.  When I first came to Dr.  Bigbie’s office, I did have a very stiff lower back and pains going down my right leg. But now after the spinal decompression treatments, I’m almost back to normal! I am very happy with the treatment I’ve gotten, and they have such a friendly staff here. Thank you!



 Ed - Lexington, SC

 The DRX 9000 Is Helping My Herniated Disc!

 Hi, I’m Ed.  I was experiencing sciatic pain, especially when I tried to bend over or squat down to maybe pick something up or to lift something.  I thought it felt like a pulled muscle, I had had those before in my back.  I tried to let time heal it, but I tried to go back to lifting too fast and hurt myself again. After a few months it still had not healed. So that’s when I came to see Dr. Bigbie.  I had an x-ray that showed that my vertebrae were torqued and out of alignment.  Dr. Bigbie suspected I had a herniated disc, and sure enough, when I had the MRI, I did have a herniated disc.  So I started the decompression treatment on the DRX 9000.  I’ve definitely noticed a difference in mobility and flexibility.  My sciatic pain has gotten better. Now I can bend over to pick things up and I’m less likely to have pain.  I can sit periods of time without pain.  I can drive and not have as much pain.  I just think it has helped a lot!

 Troy - Lexington, SC

 My Acid Reflux is Much Better!

 My name is Troy, and I’ve been coming here to Bigbie Chiropractic for about three weeks now.  I first came with a whole lot of acid reflux.  I was having it about three to four days a week. But in the last three weeks, I have stopped taking pills, and I’m not experiencing it nearly as badly as I did before.  And I Love It!



 Josiah F - Batesburg, SC

 I am Seeing and Feeling Improvement!

 Hi, I’m Josiah, and I’m a patient here at Bigbie Chiropractic Office.  I have problems with my brain and spinal cord that cause me to black out and have small moments of unconsciousness. I had visited other chiropractors growing up, but they really didn’t know what was wrong.  We were told it was vitamin deficiency or something, given a few supplements, and I saw no really big improvements. But we finally came here and they started finding things and pointing things out and showing us what was wrong.  It’s really encouraging, as a patient, to be able to understand the problems.  They really have a lot of solutions for different problems, and it’s really great to be able to see the problem for yourself, and have them explain how they are fixing it, and it’s even better seeing and feeling that improvement yourself!  Before I started coming here, I was having blackouts 4 to 6 times a week, usually every day.  But now, after a few months, I am only having them a couple of times a week! The doctors are all amazing here, and they make sure everything makes sense.  After going to doctors for 10 years and seeing no real improvement, it is so exciting to finally see the light at the end of the tunnel! I want to thank all the doctors, and Evann – they are all just so awesome.  Thank you!


Mark FincannonMark F - Saluda, SC

Since my treatment on the DRX 9000, I am 99.9% PAIN FREE!!

My name is Mark F, and I heard about Dr. Bigbie’s office on the radio. I was having severe pain in my right hip and lower back. The pain was so bad that I was forced to sit a lot at my job, and it was still miserable for me to do my job. I also could not enjoy a lot of other activities. I had been to a chiropractor before and it had helped, but it did not solve my problem and completely relieve my pain. So I came to Bigbie Chiropractic, and have been going through the decompression therapy on the DRX 9000. Now, after going through this process, I feel a lot better. I am 99.9% pain free and I appreciate Dr. Bigbie and all of the people here at the office and every thing they have done to help me. Thank You!


Bob Sealy Bob S - Lexington, SC

After my first specific scientific chiropractic adjustment, I am 90% better!

Hello, my name is Bob, and I am 64 years old. About nine months ago or so, I decided to get back in shape. Unfortunately, I did it the wrong way: I started out too fast, using weights that were too heavy. When I was doing a triceps push, I felt a pain. I just assumed I had pulled a muscle, ligament, or tendon, but after nine or ten months of still having pain, I decided to come back to Dr. Bigbie’s office just to talk it over, I had been here in the past. I had an exam and some x-rays, and then after just one adjustment I was 90% better!! It was like a miracle! I used to lay in bed at night with pain, unable to sleep, and I had pain all during the day, but after that first adjustment, 90% of the pain was removed, and I am glad I will be coming in for a series of adjustments. Thanks!


Cassie Foyle Cassie F - Columbia, SC

Specific scientific chiropractic adjustments have allowed me to move my fingers again!

Hi, my name is Cassie, and I have been suffering with fibromyalgia for the last 23 years. It had progressed so dramatically that this past May, my fingers had become paralyzed, I could not move them at all. It was like they were stuck together. But after the last 4 treatments at Dr. Bigbie’s office, I am now able to move some of these fingers independent from each other. One of them is not yet completely free, but the others are now able to function individually. I am a former hair dresser and piano player, so I know the dexterity that I could have. My posture is better, my outlook is much, much better, and I am looking forward to being healthy again. It is wonderful! I thank Dr. Bigbie with all my heart!!


Natalie Marsh Natalie M - Hopkins, SC

Because of the DRX 9000, I am pain free!!

Hi, my name is Natalie, and I came to Dr. Bigbie’s office because I had terrible low back pain. Approximately 12 years ago I had my first back surgery, I had a second surgery about 5 years later, and after that I still had to resort to epidural injections for pain control. I was eating Advil like they were life savers, I was constantly taking muscle relaxers, and I was still terribly uncomfortable. I could not perform my job, and I was not able to do anything for recreation. I thought I was on my last leg. I came here for the DRX 9000 spinal decompression, and these wonderful people have already improved the quality of my life!! Because of the treatments and adjustments I no longer take Advil every day, and I don’t take any more muscle relaxers. I was recently able to sit through an entire ballet with no medicine and no pain!! I can not thank Dr. Bigbie and his staff enough for improving my life so immensely!


Derral Linder Derral L - North, SC

I no longer take pain medication to sleep!

I’m Derral, and I had neck and shoulder pain that was keeping me from sleeping. I had suffered with this pain for quite some time. Recently my friend, who was already a patient here, encouraged me to come and meet the doctors, and so I began treatment 5 or 6 weeks ago. Before I started receiving care, I was taking Motrin and Advil every night just to be able to sleep. But now it has been at least a week since I had to take anything at night, and I am able to get to sleep! I am so happy not to have to take those medications because I know that they are not good for my health long term. Thank you so much!


Hammond Glover Hammond G - Ward, SC

Since my specific scientific chiropractic adjustments, my knees don’t hurt and I can walk better!

My name is Hammond, and before I started coming to Dr. Bigbie’s office, I had trouble walking, and my legs and my knees were hurting. But since I began treatment here at Bigbie Chiropractic, I am able to walk much better, my knees do not bother me nearly as much, and I don’t have the pains I used to have. Thank you doctors!!


Felicia LongFelicia L - Lexington, SC

My specific scientific chiropractic adjustments helped me after my car accident!

Hi, I’m Felicia, and I was in a car accident about 6 months ago. After that, I had so much pain in my back and my neck that it hurt to do anything, I could barely even sit up on my own. The pain was so horrible I couldn’t even work. I had been on pain medications and anti inflammatories, just all kinds of medicines, and they were not helping. I decided to come to Dr. Bigbie’s office about a month after the accident, and since I began having adjustments, I can now do everything on my own again! I love being able to work again, it’s fabulous. I would recommend this to everybody. I love everybody here, the staff is so friendly and great, and it just makes me feel awesome that I could come here and be taken care of!

Hope Wheeler Hope W - Lexington, SC

I’m headache-free for the first time in months!!

Hey, my name is Hope, and I have been seeing Dr. Bigbie for 3 weeks now. When I first came in, I had been diagnosed with severe migraines, and had been out of work since November of 2009. I have just now been able to go back to work. This past week I have been headache free ALL WEEK, for the first time in months! I feel great, and I would like to thank the staff and Dr. Bigbie for everything that they have done. I would like to tell anyone suffering out there to come in to Bigbie Chiropractic, and visit and talk to the doctors, and try them out because IT IS WORTH IT!

Trish Matthews Trish M - Batesburg, SC

I wake up in the morning pain free! No More Painful Fibromyalgia!!!!!

Hi, my name is Trish, and I was diagnosed about four months ago with fibromyalgia. The pain started one day when I woke up with my right arm hurting and it just kept getting worse each day. The pain would progress during the day and by the night it would be horrible. I had trouble driving, working, and I would wake up in the middle of the night 4 or 5 times and have to stretch my body out. Then it started moving into my left arm. The doctor put me on Neurontin. He told me to go ahead and start short term disability and within a few years I would end up on long term disability. I just was not ready for that!! So I got on the internet for research, and found Bigbie Chiropractic Office. I am very well satisfied!! I have gone to chiropractors all my life but I had never found one that was this thorough, that explained the way the body, the brain, and how the nerves function. I have been coming now to Bigbie Chiropractic for about 5 weeks and when I first started, my pain was a 10 but today my pain is around a 1! I wake up in the mornings without any pain! The staff here is absolutely wonderful! I want to thank everyone at the office because I could not have done it without them!! I am looking forward to the next few months and being totally pain free!!

Helen SettlesHelen S - Ward, SC

Specific scientific chiropractic adjustments helped my back and my knees!

My name is Helen S, and I’ve been coming to Dr. Bigbie’s office for about four months now. When I first started treatment, I was barely able to walk. I was having terrible muscle spasms in my back, my legs were going numb, and I had pain and arthritis in both of my knees. I was living off of 3 or 4 advils every single day. But since I’ve been coming to Bigbie Chiropractic, my back spasms have eased up and my knees feel a whole lot better! They are not swelling and not in nearly as much pain, and I am no longer taking the advil, thank God! Walking is easier, and I am able to walk more, and I just feel better. I have recommended to all my friends and family that they come to the office. I thank Dr. Bigbie and his staff for everything they have done to help me walk with less pain and stop taking all that medication. Thank you!

Martha BaughmanMartha B - Gaston, SC

Adjustments helped my pain AND my neuropathy!

My name is Martha, and I started coming to Dr. Bigbie’ s office the day after I turned 68 years old. At that point my pain level was as high as 100! I had a slipped disc in my lower back and had so much pain I that I couldn’t bend over, and I could hardly walk. Then several months ago, my friend told me about Bigbie Chiropractic. I started coming here, and now I can almost touch my toes, I can pick up as much as 20 pounds without pain, and I can work a full time job, which I was not able to do before. My pain level is now down around 3 or 4! I can tell a big improvement. I am also diabetic, and they have helped me a lot with my diabetes and the neuropathy I have in my hands and feet. I’d recommend Dr. Bigbie and Dr. Mubarak to anyone who has trouble with their bones, joints or nerves. I want to commend the staff for being so gracious and sweet and kind. They recognize you when you come in and call you by name, and you know you’re not just a number to them, you are a person, and they care about your health. I pray that you will take this opportunity to see my success story and make it yours!

Romal PatelRomal P - West Columbia, SC

After one adjustment my back felt much better!

Hi, I’m Romal, and I want to share my experience about the magic hands of Dr. Bigbie and Dr. Mubarak. I had been having back pain for almost two years that was preventing me from doing things I wanted and needed to do. At one point the pain was so severe that I was not able to get up from the couch I was sitting on. I decided to visit a doctor, and after a lot of online research, I chose Bigbie Chiropractic. Their many years of expertise in treating back pain works wonders! After my first visit, I found a drastic relief from my pain, and I knew I was in safe hands. As I continued to get adjusted week after week, I was gaining confidence because I was more energetic and was seeing more relief from my pain. I am so glad I visited Dr. Bigbie at the right time. I would also like to thank the wonderful and helpful staff for their professional service. Once again, from the bottom of my heart, I would like to thank Dr. Robert Bigbie, Dr. Jason Mubarak, and their entire team for their excellent service!

Susan HermesSusan H - Lexington, SC

Specific scientific chiropractic adjustments relieved my pain and made it easier to walk!

I’m Susan, and about three weeks ago I had bad back pain that was running into my hip and down the side of my leg. I had also started to lose feeling in my leg and my foot. It started while I was at work, and when I got home, I could hardly get out of the car, so I went to Urgent Care. The really weren’t able to help me, all they could do was give me pain pills, and I did not want to take them. So I just tried to suffer through it. I had difficulty walking and had really bad pain, so I decided to try a chiropractor, and I came here to Bigbie Chiropractic. After the first couple visits, the pain in my leg was gone, and it was easier to walk. Now, after a couple weeks of getting my specific scientific chiropractic adjustments, the feeling has returned to the top of my leg and my foot, I am walking just fine, and I’m feeling great! I would like to thank the staff here at Dr. Bigbie’s office, everyone here is so nice, and I just want to thank them forfor helping me!

Samari Guinart Samari G - Columbia, SC

My specific scientific chiropractic adjustments helped my headaches and my allergies!

Hi! My name is Samari G, and before I starting coming to Bigbie Chiropractic, I was getting frequent headaches that were pretty severe, and I had bad allergies. I also had a lot of stiffness and soreness in my neck. But ever since I’ve been coming to Dr. Bigbie’s office, everything has improved a lot! My headaches don’t come as frequently, my allergies are much better, and I just feel better over all!

Jair Guinart Jair G - Columbia, SC

Coming to Dr. Bigbie’s office is the best decision I’ve made!

My name is Jair G, and I have been coming to Dr. Bigbie’s office for about 6 months. When I first started coming here, I pain in my lower back that was so excruciating I could barely stand up or sit down. I had to slide off the bed in the morning. I also had some stiffness in my neck. After I began my chiropractic adjustments, I saw results almost immediately. My lower back began to feel better right away. I feel very good now. I recommended this office highly to everyone. The staff here has been very, very nice and it was the best decision I’ve made to come to Dr. Bigbie’s office!

Romal PatelRomal P - West Columbia, SC

After one adjustment my back felt much better!

Hi, I’m Romal, and I want to share my experience about the magic hands of Dr. Bigbie and Dr. Mubarak. I had been having back pain for almost two years that was preventing me from doing things I wanted and needed to do. At one point the pain was so severe that I was not able to get up from the couch I was sitting on. I decided to visit a doctor, and after a lot of online research, I chose Bigbie Chiropractic. Their many years of expertise in treating back pain works wonders! After my first visit, I found a drastic relief from my pain, and I knew I was in safe hands. As I continued to get adjusted week after week, I was gaining confidence because I was more energetic and was seeing more relief from my pain. I am so glad I visited Dr. Bigbie at the right time. I would also like to thank the wonderful and helpful staff for their professional service. Once again, from the bottom of my heart, I would like to thank Dr. Robert Bigbie, Dr. Jason Mubarak, and their entire team for their excellent service!

Barbara Vaughn Barbara V - Lexington, SC

After 4 treatments on the DRX9000, I have no low back pain!

My name is Dr. Barbara V. I have been suffering from a bad case of sciatica for approximately 20 years, and due to spinal compression I have lost 5 inches in height! After 4 decompression treatments on the DRX 9000, I am in now no pain for the first time in 20 years. I am so pleased and surprised! It is amazing!

Linda B Linda B - Lexington, SC

On my second visit, I couldn’t wait to tell the doctors that my leg pain was incredibly gone!

I’m Linda, and I was diagnosed several years ago with bulging discs in my lower back. The severity of the pain had grown much worse over the last several months, and I had begun to experience pain in my legs as well as restless leg syndrome. This was definitely reducing my quality of life and resulting in sleep deprivation. When I finally was able to fall asleep, I was often awakened by the pain. After being checked out and tested by several doctors, I was told that my options for relief were medications, physical therapy, and pain injections, and I did not want any of these things! My sister shared with me her chiropractic success story and asked me to give Dr. Bigbie’s office a try, and I am so glad I did. Not only is my leg pain gone, but I’m also free of the restless leg syndrome that made me so fidgety! It is amazing to think that one adjustment with Dr. Mubarak’s skillful hands made a great difference in my life. I’ve already found myself recommending Dr. Bigbie’s office to others who are suffering!

Sherrie Morris Sherrie M - Lexington, SC

Since my specific scientific chiropractic adjustments, I am pain free!

Hello, I’m Sherrie, and I had been having some knee problems, as well as pain in my neck and shoulders, so I decided to come to Bigbie Chiropractic. During my report, Dr Bigbie showed me on my xrays and diagrams exactly where my pains and problems were coming from, so that it really made a lot of sense to me. I accepted treatment to see if we could stop this spinal degeneration. Then four days ago, I spent about an hour and a half sitting in the floor at my house, and the following night I had to sit in a hardback chair for about two and a half hours. The next morning I woke up in so much pain I had dry heaves. The pain was so severe that it was 1:30 before I could leave the house. I came to Dr. Bigbie’s office, I got adjusted, used the traction tables, and iced my back the way Dr. Bigbie told me to, and the next morning the severe pain was gone, and by the middle of the afternoon, I was completely pain free! I am being healed!

Mark Mills Mark M - Leesville, SC

DRX Spinal Decompression relieved my pain!

Hi, I’m Mark, and before I came to see Dr. Bigbie’s office, my pain was so bad that I could not even lay down in the bed. I had severe pain shooting all the way down my leg and into my knee, and if I stood up more than a few seconds my leg would go to sleep. But ever since Dr. Bigbie began treating me on the spinal decompression machine, I’ve felt much better! After about a week and a half, I was able to sleep in my bed again. Now my pain is gone, and I’m even back to coaching football. If it weren’t for Dr. Bigbie and Dr. Jason, I wouldn’t be where I am now. Thank You!

Nancy Hillman Nancy H - Lexington, SC

Since I began this fibromyalgia treatment plan, I have so much more energy!

My name is Nancy H. and I have had two treatments at Dr. Bigbie’s office for my fibromyalgia treatment plan, and I am just amazed at my progress so far! Over the weekend I was able to do things I haven’t been able to do in a very long time. Friday I felt much better at work, and usually I can’t go more than two or three hours before I am so exhausted I need a nap. Saturday I even stayed up late and went out! On Sunday after I went to church, I went the whole day without even wanting a nap, and I did activities I haven’t been able to do. I feel much better now, it’s like a miracle. Thank You Dr. Bigbie and all of his staff!

Freda Crapps Freeda C - Leesville, SC

DRX 9000 Spinal Decompression relieved my pain, now I don’t take pain relievers!

My name is Freeda, and before coming to Dr. Bigbie’s office, I had severe pain in my right hip and leg, and I used to have to take two extra strength Tylenol just to be able to tolerate it. I had also lost a lot feeling in my right leg. Previous doctors had told me that there was nothing they could do but give me pain pills, and I would never regain that feeling. But since beginning my spinal decompression treatments, my pain is gone and I no longer take the Tylenol. I have also regained some of the feeling in my leg! Now I can’t stop recommending for people to come!

David Schrodt David S - Lexington, SC

Adjustments helped my back pain and my sinuses!

Hello, my name is David S. Prior to coming to Dr. Bigbie’s office, I was struggling with some lower back pain. I enjoy running and I have participated in a couple of half marathons. I got to the point where the pain was prohibiting me from running and a lot of other basic things like walking or sitting. Someone suggested that I should try out Bigbie Chiropractic, and probably within about 3 weeks of treatment the pain was totally gone! That was the immediate benefit. After that, I saw some other benefits that I was not even anticipating. I noticed that I was sleeping better, I have more energy, and I have not had any kind of sickness or sinus trouble, which ordinarily I would be suffering from. I’ve just felt healthier overall since I began getting adjustments. The staff is very kind and very helpful, and Dr. Bigbie and Dr. Mubarak do a very fine job of helping people. I would definitely recommend Bigbie Chiropractic!

Carrie Griggs Carrie G - West Columbia, SC

Chiropractic adjustments helped me after my car accident!

Hello, I am Carrie G. I first started coming to Dr. Bigbie’s office about 10 years ago, but about 3 months ago I was in a car accident. I was suffering from a lot of pain in my neck, constant headaches, and lower back pain. I began treatment for these issues, and since that time, I have seen an improvement in my neck, shoulders and my lower back. I am also not having the headaches I was experiencing after the accident. I would like to thank the staff and the doctors for the improvement that I have seen since I have been coming to Bigbie Chiropractic.”

Cindy CavalearCindy C - Lexington, SC

After two weeks my headaches and back pain are much better!

My name is Cindy C. and I have been coming to Dr. Bigbie’s office for two weeks. The main reasons I came in were that I was having dull headaches at school everyday for about a year, and a couple of weeks ago I got a really bad migraine. I had also been having low back pain for about 6 months and it was getting worse. So I came to see Dr Bigbie, and now with the treatment and the exercises they gave me, I can already feel after two weeks a major difference in my posture, my headaches aren’t nearly as frequent and my back pain has really decreased a lot. I know that this is a wonderful plan for me and I am excited about my continued treatment!

Doug SmithDoug S - Lexington, SC

The neck pain from my car accident is almost gone!

Hi, I’m Doug, and I came to Dr. Bigbie about a year ago after I had been rear ended in a car accident. My neck was injured during the impact, causing a lot of pain, pressure, and discomfort. I had a lot fears and a lot of concern for the future of my health, but Dr. Bigbie put me on a schedule of adjustments and after about 6 weeks, a lot of my pain and discomfort was gone. The pressure was relieved and my neck was feeling much better. I really appreciate the good work!

Betty WilsonBetty W - Orangeburg, SC

After my adjustments for my fibromyalgia, I can see the difference in my posture!

Hello, my name is Betty W, and I have been coming here to Dr. Bigbie’s office for about 3 months now. I have fibromyalgia, and severe pains in my neck and lower back. Also, my posture was shifting, and my clothes were not fitting the way they should. Before coming here, I had spoken to orthopedic doctors about trying to correct my posture, but they told me that at my age, a back brace would not do any good, so it really would not make a difference to try. I had also tried physical therapy with no success. But since I began treatment, my neck feels better, and does not crack and pop as much. My lower back pain has almost disappeared completely, and overall I feel much better. I can see the difference in my posture, and my clothes fit me better now. After coming to the office and seeing what the doctors do, I really believe in chiropractic now, and I know that it has helped me. I’d like to thank the doctors and staff here for what they have done for me. The staff members are very pleasant and I really enjoy that. All in all, I think coming here to Dr. Bigbie has really helped me a lot, and I’d just like to say thanks.

LouFrances CrouchLou Frances C - Saluda, SC

I have less pain and I am walking better!

Hello, my name is Lou Frances. Before I came to Dr. Bigbie’s office, my whole body hurt. My back was bothering me very badly, I was having pain in my legs and knee, and I hurt in so many places I really can’t name them all. I was not able to do my housework, and had to have help with certain activities. Finally I was hurting so badly, and my husband encouraged me, so I decided to come in. Now, I am doing much better. My back is feeling a lot better, and I have less pain in my knee and legs. I feel stronger and I am also walking better. I just want to thank Dr. Bigbie for helping me because I’m doing much better. Thank you.

Kenneth JohnsonKenneth J - Gilbert, SC

“I'’ve only been coming a few weeks, and already most of my headaches are gone!”

My name is Kenneth and I came to see Dr. Bigbie and his staff for the severe headaches I was experiencing. It was so bad that I started seeing an ear, nose, and throat doctor who ordered two CT scans but didn’t find anything wrong. I thought it was an allergy problem and would have to go to an allergist, but my wife, who was already a patient here, recommended I come in and give it a try because of the severity of the pain. Now I have been coming a few weeks and I have very few headaches. Most of my pain and the pressure in my head is gone. I give success to Dr. Bigbie and his staff.

Betty EnlowBetty E - Lexington, SC

After four visits, my low back pain is almost gone!

My name is Betty E. and I first came in to see Dr. Bigbie because of pain in my lower back. I had excruciating pain and I could not get out of a chair without using my arms to push up. Now after seeing him 3 or 4 times I am feeling much better and the pain has mostly subsided. I am able to get out of a chair without pushing and using my triceps to get up. I am feeling much better. My husband even remarked that just looking at me he could tell I felt better. I definitely recommend Dr. Bigbie to anyone who suffers with low back pain!

Mary BatesMary B - Johnston, SC

Chiropractic relieved my pain and helped my sinuses and blood pressure!

My name is Mary and when I first came to Bigbie Chiropractic, I was having pain in the lower part of my back and down into my toe on the right side. I also had pain in my neck and right shoulder. I began feeling relief after my third adjustment, but now after my fifth treatment, I am feeling much better. I am walking better because my toe does not hurt me anymore, and my low back does not hurt. I can now drive without pain and I am moving around much better. The adjustments even helped my sinuses and my blood pressure! I wish I had known about chiropractic a long time ago, I would not have had the pain for so long. But now with adjustments I am better and doing fine, thank the lord!

Pat SmithPat S - Lexington, SC

Specific scientific chiropractic adjustments have helped my fibromyalgia AND my sinuses!

I came to Dr. Bigbie a couple of years ago because I have fibromyalgia as well as sinus trouble and a herniated disc. The doctor who treats me for fibromyalgia recommended on my last visit that I find a chiropractor to treat my C1- that this would help treat my fibromyalgia. I was glad to find out that Dr. Bigbie could help me! Now I’ve been coming 3 times a week for almost 2 months, and in that short time I can already see a lot of difference: the pain in my neck is greatly reduced, I can think more clearly and the herniated disc is feeling much better. I’ve had 7 sinus surgeries, and I can see in seven weeks of chiropractic adjustments that my sinuses are dry and I don’t have a sinus infection. It is like a miracle to me! I’m very happy to be here. The staff is excellent: they take care of you, they answer all of your questions, they are polite, and I could not recommend this place any higher. Get here as soon as you can!

Paula HarrisPaula H - Lexington, SC

I look forward to my specific scientific chiropractic adjustments!

Hi, my name is Paula. When I first came to Bigbie Chiropractic, I had been going to doctors for 6 months for severe back pain, chest pain, swelling in both my feet and legs, and headaches. I have been to neurosurgeons, I had a heart cath, and I even had a brain scan. Now this is the second week I’ve been coming here and I feel better than I’ve felt in over a year. I sleep all night long now. I just generally feel good, and I enjoy my adjustments. I feel more pleasant, and my children tell me I’m much more pleasant to be around. I always look forward to coming here!

Ann GlazeAnn G - Lexington, SC

After two sessions I could raise my arms again!”

Hi, I’m Ann. After having the flu three times this year, I took some medication that left me with flu-like symptoms which were supposed to go away but never did. I had trouble moving both of my hips and my left shoulder, and could barely raise my left arm. I was barely able to fix my hair. I went back to my medical doctor, but it seemed like nothing else could be done. I decided to come to see Dr. Bigbie, and within 2 sessions I was feeling so much better! I had motion in both of my hips with no pain, and I was able to raise my left arm. He and Dr. Jason have both done a wonderful job. All of the office staff has been so great and they make you feel so welcome. To come here and be able to feel better in such a short amount of time when I had been dealing with this pain for 3 months makes me feel so grateful to the doctors and the wonderful staff. They definitely have helped me!