Meet the Team-


ErinHi, I'm Erin. I joined the Bigbie Chiropractic team in July of 2008. Since I have started working at the office I have been able to help educate people in the community and their families on how to stay healthy through optimal health. Before I was under principled chiropractic care I was getting frequent headaches. When I started to get specific chiropractic adjustments my headaches went away without having to take medication. I also enjoy helping our practice members lose weight and get healthy in our office with our personalized weight loss programs we offer.  
ShannonHi, I'm Shannon. I have been in chiropractic for almost ten years and joined the Bigbie team in September of 2005. Chiropractic is an amazing field to be a part of. I love getting to meet and help people through principled chiropractic allowing the body to heal itself from Above, Down, Inside, Out. I can't wait to see you in the office and introduce you to the wonderful world of chiropractic; it truly does change lives and I feel blessed to be a part of it.
Hi, my name is Jennifer. I graduated from Midlands Technical College as a Licensed Radiologic Technologist. I joined Bigbie Chiropractic in June 2015. I have suffered from chronic headaches for years and since I have been getting my specific scientific chiropractic adjustments my headaches have been less frequent.I am excited to meet you and share all the wonderful ways we can help you improve your health and mobility!
 Hi, my name is Kevin. I graduated from Averett University in Virginia with a bachelor's degree in Bio-Medical Science. Before I   joined Bigbie Chiropractic in February 2022 I was a personal trainer who believed in more natural, gentler forms of health care. After meeting our staff and seeing results, I was a believer in chiropractic care. I look forward to helping more and more patients improve their quality of life with all of the treatments we offer here at Bigbie Chiropractic.


 My name is Marissa and I joined Bigbie Chiropractic in February of 2021.  I have been working with Chiropractors for almost 4 years and have been getting adjustments for over 8 years.  Chiropractic has changed my life and I would love to share the benefits with you!


    My name is Kelly and I joined the Bigbie Chiropractic team in September of 2020. I was first introduced to       Chiropractic care when I worked as a massage therapist at a Chiropractic office in Monck's Corner. I suffered from occipital headaches and benefit greatly from regular adjustments, allowing me to avoid pain pill dependency, I look forward to meeting you and assisting you on your journey towards a happier, healthier life.


Hello, my name is Alex and I graduated from Midlands Technical College in December 2021 as a licensed physical therapy assistant.  I joined Bigbie Chiropractic in February 2022. I enjoy helping patients get better and witnessing them meet their chiropractic care goals. I am so excited to meet you and aid in improving your quality of life.