Tuesday-Low Back/DRX Success Story

My sciatic pain is almost completely gone!

Dustin-Low Back/DRX Success Story

My low back pain is gone!

Johnathan-Shoulder Success Story

My injured shoulder is now stronger than the uninjured shouldler!



My migraines have greatly improved since coming to Bigbie Chiropractic!
Low Back Pain
My asthma has greatly improved!

 My name is Ella, I’m seven years old. Going to the chiropractor has helped me a lot with my asthma and my muscles. I have not had an asthma attack in a year! Thank you!          

Knee Pain


Neck and Low Back Pain


Knee Pain




Colleen- Lexington

I Was Able to Run My First OFFICIAL 5K!

   My first official 5K! Saturday, November 23, 2013 I completed the Runway Run to benefit the USO- Columbia Airport.

    This is a major accomplishment knowing that, before this, the pain from everyday walking around was sometimes almost too much to endure. Knees and ankles were easily injured, and I had surgeries on both knees over the years. Resignation and depression set in. Doing everyday things for myself and my family centered around pain and lack of mobility. So frustrating. Acupuncture gave immediate relief in the recent past with disabling pain, and I’m grateful for it.

    But Bigbie Chiropractic helped identify and treat some root causes of the pain. It can’t be said enough how very important this is!

    It was a spur-of-the-moment decision to enter the 5K: registration was one day before. But after several weeks of intensive and caring chiropractic care, home exercises, and wearing custom shoe inserts provided by Bigbie Chiropractic, I am now re-energized and feel stronger. I found myself the week before the 5K enthusiastically walking anew (outside and at a fast pace) on lunch breaks thinking that, just maybe, it would be possible to attempt and perhaps even finish that 5K.

    My feet crossed the Finish Line in 48:20.

    This thanksgiving, I am grateful for so much. Bigbie Chiropractic and staff have my gratitude, too, for the assessments, care, and treatment they give.


Cary- Lexington

I'm Back to the Gym after Sciatica Treatment!

Hi, I’m Cary, and I have been coming to Bigbie Chiropractic for about three months now. Before I got here, I thought I had pinched a nerve in my back, and I used to get my son to stand on my back to crack it but that didn’t work. The nerve in my back was painful, so I started getting treatment here, and now I’m back in the gym twice a day. It is a big, big improvement! I can sleep comfortably now, and I want to thank Dr. Bigbie and his staff, they did a great job!



Billy- Lexington

My Sciatica Is GONE!

Hi, I’m Billy and I came to see Dr. Bigbie in November of last year. I was at the point where medication was not working.  I had pain shooting down my right leg. It was to the point that I could not walk and pretty much any movement I did was excruciating.  I came here, and after they evaluated me I found out that it was the sciatic nerve causing problems. We started a very intense treatment for 3 times a week with the DRX9000.  Within the first week I was getting relief.  Within a couple of months, I was getting to where I was experiencing more and more pain-free days.  Now I’m experiencing zero pain in my back!  It’s great, I have not been on medication since then, and I had previously been on medication for the last 25 years for my back pain. So that’s a great thing!  Everyone here is very helpful and super friendly.  I would recommend this place to anyone that has back pain. It definitely beats the alternative of surgery or other such things! Thank you to everyone at Bigbie Chiropractic for everything!


Jeff- Lexington

I Can Finally SLEEP!

Hi, I’m Jeff! I came to Bigbie Chiropractic because my neck was really bothering me, as well as my lower back. The pain kept me from lifting, but more importantly is prevented me from sleeping. The only thing that helped with the pain were massages every three to four months. After starting chiropractic care at Bigbie Chiropractic, I noticed my posture started improving, and my sleep improved the most. I also felt more energized, happy, and positive! Thank you to the doctors and staff at Bigbie Chiropractic for everything!


Rick- Cayce

My low back pain is gone after one DRX9000 treatment!

Hi, my name is Rick; I came to Dr. Bigbie’s office in late December, after I had suffered for numerous years with lower back pain. I was in a plane accident in 1992 which caused back spasms as well as many other problems at that time.  In 2008 it was determined that I had to have back surgery, and then in 2009 I had to have back surgery again.  I had always tried correcting the problem but the pain always came back.  So I ended up at Dr. Bigbie’s office after I saw the newspaper ads and TV commercial for spinal decompression on the DRX9000.  The staff was very professional, making me feel like I was important and they wanted to help me. Dr. Bigbie accepted my case, and after one single treatment on the DRX9000 I felt no pain! Thank you to the Doctors and staff at Bigbie Chiropractic for effectively treating what no one else could!


Sally- Lexington

My Back Discomfort is Gone!

Hi, I’m Sally, and I have been coming here a little over a week. I came because my back was becoming progressively more stressed as time went on. The discomfort finally reached a point that it was so uncomfortable that I needed to try something else before surgery or medication. From the very first visit my back has felt so much better! This past weekend I did not feel any discomfort in my back at all! I would highly recommend to anyone living with back pain that they give Bigbie Chiropractic a try; I think it has great potential for helping everyone! Thank you to Dr. Bigbie and his staff for all your help!


Cindy- Lexington

I'm Absolutely Pain and Stiffness Free in my Low Back!

Hi, I’m Cindy. I injured my lower back ten years ago and I have fought with the pain for years. In November, my lower back pain became so severe that I went to a medical doctor, who then put me on steroid packs and muscle relaxers. Nothing helped. A friend recommended that I come here to Bigbie Chiropractic. Today for the first time, I am absolutely pain and stiffness free in my lower back! I am just absolutely so amazed that I could do cartwheels! It has been great, thank you to the doctors and staff at Bigbie Chiropractic, you have really helped me!


Crystal- West Columbia

No Back Pain After FOUR Visits!

Hi, I’m Crystal. I have suffered from lower back pain and hip pain for the past two years. I have seen several physicians, had x-rays, and MRI’s, with no relief from the pain.  After four visits here at Bigbie Chiropractic, this weekend was the first time I have experienced no pain! I’m excited for continued success, and thank you to Dr. Bigbie and his staff!



Jimmy- Chapin

I Don't Need to Have Knee Surgery!

Hi, I’m Jimmy, and I had severe pain in my left knee. It was so severe that I could barely walk. When I did walk, it was with excruciating pain. After my third visit to Bigbie Chiropractic, I could tell that the pain was subsiding! The pain is mostly gone now. Occasionally there is a little discomfort, but it is something that I do not even think about. It is a great feeling to know that I do not have to have surgery to correct the problem! Thank you to Dr. Bigbie and his staff for all you have done!


Barbara- Gaston

My Knee Pain is GONE!

Hi, I’m Barbara; I had a bad left knee and shoulder. My shoulder hurt so much that I could not lift my arm above my waist. Now I can reach all the way to the sky! My left knee would just give out on me while I was walking. I have been coming here about two weeks, and it is so wonderful! Yesterday I spent all day working in the yard and today I still have no pain! Thank you to everyone at Bigbie Chiropractic for all you do!



Sharon- Prosperity

Chiropractic treats ALLERGIES!

Hi, I’m Sharon. I started coming to Bigbie Chiropractic because my father, who is also a patient, referred my mother and I. I came in for the initial exam and I had no idea that I had some lower back and neck issues that showed up on my initial x-rays. I have always had sinus and allergy problems throughout the seasons, and I was taking more and more over the counter sinus and allergy medications. Since I have started chiropractic care at Bigbie Chiropractic, I feel great! I do not have any more tension in my neck, and my sinus and allergies have drastically improved!


Julie- Lexington

I Feel FABULOUS after treatment for sciatica!

Hi, I’m Julie! Less than one month ago I could not stand up straight due to a pinched sciatic nerve. It was so painful that I could barely walk. Thanks to the wonderful doctors and staff at Bigbie chiropractic, I’m leaving to go on a cruise tomorrow, and I’m planning on dancing the night away! I feel fabulous!



Judy- Lexington

Pain Free after ONE adjustment!

Hi, I’m Judy and I am currently a patient of Dr. Bigbie. I was in severe pain with my lower back, right knee, and right foot and was unable to walk. I was taking large amounts of pain medication and muscle relaxers to no avail. My husband, who has been a patient here at Bigbie Chiropractic, suggested that I come here to see if Dr. Bigbie could provide some relief. I walked in here four days ago, had one treatment consisting of an adjustment and cold laser therapy on my knee, and walked out pain free for an hour! I was very anxious to get back for another treatment. Regular treatments have allowed me to be up moving around with virtually no pain. I would like to thank Dr. Bigbie and his staff, they are very professional and you get the utmost respect and care while you are here, thank you!


James- Swansea

I can play with my son without knee pain!

Hi, I’m James. I have been coming to Bigbie Chiropractic for a little over a month for severe knee pain. I have had three prior surgeries on my left knee and was to the point of being partially disabled. I had to walk with a cane and was looking at every option available to treat my knee problems and walk again. I went to an orthopedic surgeon and was looking at having a complete knee replacement. I was a candidate due to previous injuries and surgeries, but due to my size and my age they said I would wear it out too soon and did not approve the surgery. I was out of options, and then I found Bigbie Chiropractic and cold laser treatments. I can tell you right now it was the best decision I have ever made. After regular adjustments and cold laser therapy on my knee, I am tremendously better! Now I have been able to play with my son without experiencing the pain and really enjoy being a father.  A special thanks to Dr. Bigbie and his staff, they are very kind, courteous, and truly cared for me. Everything works great now and I avoided another surgery!


Henry- Lexington

Cold Laser Treatment Worked On My Knees!

Hi, I’m Henry. I came here because I had a bad knee. It had been giving me trouble for a long time, and kept getting worse. Since coming to Bigbie Chiropractic and receiving chiropractic care and cold laser treatments, I am doing much better! I appreciate everyone at Bigbie Chiropractic for helping me out!


Gene- Cayce

I can do things now that i could NEVER do!

Hi, I’m Gene, and I came to Bigbie Chiropractic a few months ago with intense pain in my hips, knees, and back. I could not move well. I was unable to get dressed without pain, unable to bowl like I used to, and it was a real struggle to climb stairs. After a couple of treatments here I started to feel better. I have improved significantly. Now I’m able to do things that I have never been able to do! I can climb steps without any problem, play in the back yard with our puppy, get dressed in the morning, and much more! I have improved well over 100 percent in just a few months. Thank you to Dr. Bigbie and his staff for all you have done!


Guy- Columbia

After ONE treatment my vertigo was GONE!

Hi, I’m Guy. I started coming to Bigbie Chiropractic for several reasons. I had loud ringing in both ears all the time, vertigo when I moved my head, and constant sinus problems. I also had leg and knee pain, high blood pressure, and GERD. These problems prevented me from sleeping well; I was moody and unable to talk to people because I could not hear what they were saying. I tried sleeping with a white noise machine to eliminate the noise, and took medications for everything else. After starting chiropractic care, the tinnitus is manageable, I have no more sinus headaches, my GERD has improved, and I’m coming off my blood pressure medication! My mood has improved, I sleep better, and I am so happy I listened to my wife and started treatment at Bigbie Chiropractic! Thank you to the doctors and staff at Bigbie Chiropractic for all you have done!


Vicki- Lexington

I'm 100% Now!

Hi, I’m Vickie! I have been coming to Bigbie Chiropractic for several months now. They were highly recommended, and after I injured my back, I started coming here. The first day that my husband brought me, I could not even walk. The girls at the front desk had to bring an office chair with wheels to get me into the room. Gradually, little by little, through regular adjustments and the traction tables, I am 100% now, and I thank everyone at Bigbie Chiropractic!


Betty- Columbia

My Vertigo is BETTER!

Hi, I’m Betty. I have wanted to get some relief for my vertigo for about a year and a half, episodes would last up to two hours and I was always nauseated with it. It was very confining to me.  I saw Dr. Bigbie’s advertisement, and decided to give it a try. I had tried everything else, gone to many doctors, all of whom told me there was nothing more they could do. In coming here and letting them evaluate me, I decided to go through the program of scientific chiropractic adjustments and vertigo treatments. After starting treatment I found out that my blood pressure had lowered! I was down from five medications to three medications for my blood pressure. My back and hip pain has completely gone away! Prior to treatments I could barely walk to my mailbox. After treatments, I have walked as much as I want to. There is no limit to how much walking I can do! My vertigo has shortened, I don’t have as many episodes, and now they only last about a minute. I feel that in every way these doctors have improved my health and my lifestyle, thank you to the doctors and staff at Bigbie Chiropractic!


Tony- Leesville

My Knee Pain Went Away!

Hi, I’m Tony, and I came here because of my knee and back pain.  I couldn’t walk. I was really stiff. I came to Bigbie Chiropractic, and after a couple of adjustments combined with cold laser treatments on my knee, my pain went away and I feel more relaxed and less stressed. I received shoe orthotics and they have made everything significantly better. I wear them every day! I can sleep better, and I can enjoy life more after only a month of treatment. The pain is almost gone after only a month! Thank you to the Doctors and staff at Bigbie Chiropractic!



Gene- Cayce

I can do things now that i could NEVER do!

Hi, I’m Gene, and I came to Bigbie Chiropractic a few months ago with intense pain in my hips, knees, and back. I could not move well. I was unable to get dressed without pain, unable to bowl like I used to, and it was a real struggle to climb stairs. After a couple of treatments here I started to feel better. I have improved significantly. Now I’m able to do things that I have never been able to do! I can climb steps without any problem, play in the back yard with our puppy, get dressed in the morning, and much more! I have improved well over 100 percent in just a few months. Thank you to Dr. Bigbie and his staff for all you have done!


Diana- Lexington

I avoided foot surgery!

 Hi, I’m Diana, and I came to Bigbie Chiropractic because I suffered from excruciating foot pain for years. I had visited several medical doctors and the ultimate solution was surgery. I decided to visit a chiropractor, and Dr. Bigbie recommended a solution and a care plan that worked for me. Now all my problems with my feet are gone, plus my allergies are gone! I have not had any medications for my asthma or allergies since I started chiropractic care, and I extremely happy. Thank you to the Bigbie team for the great work!


Kathleen - West Columbia, SC

I’m now able to mow the lawn without my knees aching!

Hi, I’m Kathleen.  Before I came to Dr. Bigbie’s office I had terrible migraines, I had a right shoulder that would pop, and a knee that was out of place and achy.  I could barely do any chores and my migraines would keep me in bed for days.  Now that I receive chiropractic care, I’m down to minimal normal headaches and it feels great.  My shoulder is back in place and no longer pops which is weird since I was used to it popping for years. Being able to mow the lawn without my knees aching and doing normal chores and exercising has been great. Dr. Bigbie’s office and staff has been wonderful. I encourage you to come in too! Thank you.


Carl - Columbia, SC

I have been pain free for a week!

Hi, I’m Carl! I started coming to Bigbie Chiropractic due to extreme low back pain. The pain made it difficult to work, and made me extremely irritable because I was having difficulties living a normal life. It hurt to sit, to walk, and the pain hindered my daily living activities. Before I came to Dr. Bigbie, I had to use pain pills and anti-inflammatory medications that did not solve the problem. Through a regular adjustment schedule, I have now been pain free for a week! Thank you to Bigbie Chiropractic for all your help!


Carol - Columbia, SC

I am off all medications!

Hi, I’m Carol. I came to Bigbie Chiropractic because I have problems with lower back pain and a hernia. Since coming to Bigbie Chiropractic, I am not taking any medications, I am able to digest my food, and the lower back pain has subsided. So thank you to Dr. Bigbie and to Dr. Forsyth!



Hi, I’m Harold and I’ve been coming to Bigbie Chiropractic Clinic since October.  I was injured from a fall in the yard and I had back surgery in April.  After the back surgery, I was in the hospital for 10 days, and then I had to go to the pain specialist because I was still in terrific pain and was unable to walk.  I was on two different pain medications to help control the pain, as well as injections. Every day was the same thing, a lot of pain and I could not walk.  I was depressed because I was not getting better, and then I saw an ad in the newspaper for Bigbie Chiropractic. After meeting with them, they determined that they could help me get back to a normal life. I took a chance and I started having treatments every other day. After seven visits, I have been off pain medication for 5 days now, and today is the first time I have been able to walk without my walker and not have severe pain in almost a year! Sure enough Bigbie Chiropractic, the DRX 9000, and laser therapy have helped me! 


Tina- Lexington, SC

Back to Active!

Hi, I’m Motena. Back in 2011, I started having lower back problems and knee problems, and I am a very active person. When my back went out, and I had to have back and foot surgery, I was not able to do that anymore. The medications and creams were not helping, so I came to Dr. Bigbie for an exam. I signed up for treatment for my back and laser treatments for my knees. Now I can get out, exercise, do yard work that I love, play with my grandchildren, and enjoy my day! I really appreciate the doctors and staff at Dr. Bigbie’s; they made my world a whole different world!



Rita - Irmo, SC

I feel more like myself!

Hi, I’m Rita! I woke up one morning having problems with a knee. I had already had one knee replaced, and I did NOT want to go through that again. I came here with knee problems, neck problems, and back problems. Dr. Bigbie and his staff have helped me tremendously; I feel more like myself that I have in years. Thank you to Dr. Bigbie and his staff!


Tyler - Irmo, SC

My headaches are gone!

Hi, I’m Tyler and I started coming to Bigbie Chiropractic because I was having headaches and lower back pain.  I had been doing cross fit to prepare for going to the Citadel.  My headaches were constant and the low back pain prevented me from running.  I could not perform my best physically as well as paying attention in class and other educational situations.  I went to two MDs and both told me it was from my prior concussion and that there was nothing that I could do about the headaches.  Within two weeks after starting at Bigbie Chiropractic, my headaches were gone.  This allowed me to be more social without dealing with a lot of pain. 


Mike - Swansea, SC

After one adjustment my pain was gone!

Hi, my name is Mike and I’ve been coming to this office for several weeks now.  The first time the doctors worked on my shoulder, he adjusted it one time and after that one adjustment he relieved me of pain that I have had for the past 5 years.  So we’re thankful for the care we’ve received at Bigbie Chiropractic clinic and I would recommend it to anybody who is in pain.


Erica - Lexington, SC

So many benefits of Chiropractic!

Hi, my name is Erica and I came to Dr. Bigbie’s office because I had neck pain.  After I started coming here I realized that they could help with my neck pain as well as other problems I was having.  I’ve had headaches for the last 3 years and I have been taking Ibuprofen every day; the headache went away after the first adjustment. I have a herniated disc from 2007 in my lower back.  After regular adjustments, that pain is gone and I rarely have any pain in my low back anymore.  I have had painful menstrual cramps since I was a teenager and regular adjustments have relieved that discomfort as well.  I did not know a chiropractor could help with that.  I am happy I came to chiropractic care. I did not know it had all the benefits of chiropractic, and I thank Dr. Bigbie and his staff for showing me the light, and that chiropractic care can solve many problems that I did not know it could.


Nidia - Lexington, SC

I feel wonderful!

Hi, I’m Nidia! I used to suffer from low back pain and cervical pain, and my medical doctors told me that there was nothing that they could do. I was put on medications and I eventually became a couch potato. Then I met Dr. Bigbie, and I started treatment on the decompression machine, which I love! After treatments, I feel wonderful, I am able to vacuum now and do things that I haven’t been able to do. I just love that decompression machine! Thank you Dr. Bigbie!


Dee - Lexington, SC

My knees are no longer swollen!

Hi, I’m Dee, when I first started coming here I was in a great deal of pain with my knees.  Both of them were very swollen. I had trouble climbing stairs, getting out of the bath tub, and sitting at my desk for a long time would cause me to be awkward and stiff to get up.  Since going through my treatment, the swelling has gone away, I can get out of the bath tub easily, I can climb the stairs to my office very easily.  I don’t hurt in my bed at night, I used to cry out in my sleep but I no longer do that. It’s just been really a great program and everyone here has been absolutely fantastic.  I’d recommend it to anyone.


 Josiah - Batesburg, SC

I am Seeing and Feeling Improvement!

Hi, I’m Josiah, and I’m a patient here at Bigbie Chiropractic Office.  I have problems with my brain and spinal cord that cause me to black out and have small moments of unconsciousness. I had visited other chiropractors growing up, but they really didn’t know what was wrong.  We were told it was vitamin deficiency or something, given a few supplements, and I saw no really big improvements. But we finally came here and they started finding things and pointing things out and showing us what was wrong.  It’s really encouraging, as a patient, to be able to understand the problems.  They really have a lot of solutions for different problems, and it’s really great to be able to see the problem for yours  elf, and have them explain how they are fixing it, and it’s even better seeing and feeling that improvement yourself!  Before I started coming here, I was having blackouts 4 to 6 times a week, usually every day.  But now, after a few months, I am only having them a couple of times a week! The doctors are all amazing here, and they make sure everything makes sense.  After going to doctors for 10 years and seeing no real improvement, it is so exciting to finally see the light at the end of the tunnel! I want to thank all the doctors, they are all just so awesome.  Thank you!


Randy - Lexington, SC

My back pain is gone!

Hi, my name is Randy and I came to Bigbie Chiropractic around three weeks ago.  I was having pain in my lower back and in my middle back.  After a hard day at work it would really bother me.  After two weeks of chiropractic adjustments, my pain is gone! I know that these adjustments have helped me and will help me in other ways as well.  I just wanted to say Thank you to Dr. Bigbie and his great staff!


Harold - Lexington, SC

My sciatica slowly but surely went away!

Hi, I’m Harold and I came to Bigbie Chiropractic due to my low back pain and sciatica down both legs.  I was unable to do most everything.  My wife had to help me get dressed every morning, it was so bad.  I went to the doctor and he gave me muscle relaxers and pain relievers.  It helped a little bit but he wanted me to have surgery but I’ve already had 9 surgeries on my legs and I didn’t want a surgery on my back.  After starting chiropractic care my sciatica slowly but surely went away.  The pain decreased and I’ve noticed a good bit of increase in my balance.  I want to thank Dr. Bigbie and his staff.


Kyree - Columbia, SC

Now I can chase my goal of being a state champion!

Hi, I’m Kyree and before I came to Dr. Bigbie’s office I was a wrestler that had neck pains, lower back pains, and left knee pains.  I want to say thank you to the Doctors here at Dr. Bigbie’s office for helping me feel a lot better.  I no longer have pain in my neck, knee, or back.  Now I can chase my goal of being a state champion. Thank you!


Ed - Columbia, SC

My balance has improved using the infrared treatment!

Hi, I’m Ed and I had severe pain throughout my knee.  I could not bend, walk, or go upstairs.  I was discouraged that I could not do my day to day activities without being in so much pain.  I went to see an orthopedic and was recommended injections but the pain would come back in less than a week from the time of the injection.  I read in the paper about the laser ad and came in.  Since starting laser treatment, I have less pain. I am moving better and walking longer.  My balance has improved using the infrared treatment.


Pamela - Lexington, SC

I pray every morning because I can live now!

My name Pamela, and I was not able to move or sleep before coming to Dr. Bigbie’s office! I have been to so many different doctors, I’ve been put on every kind of medicine, I’ve taken Xanax and Flexeril, and still no relief. But since I started treatment here I can move better, and the tingling and numbness in my hands and feet has gone away. I thank God and pray every morning for Doctor Bigbie and his staff because I can live now! I can now do things I haven’t been able to do in such a long time. I’m especially grateful that I can take care of my grandchild and the rest of my family! Thank you Doctor Bigbie and his wonderful staff! I love every one of you!


Mary Helen - Columbia, SC

I felt better after only 2 weeks!

Hi, I’m Mary Helen and I came to Dr. Bigbie’s office because I was having pains in many parts of my body including my shoulder, hip bones, pelvic bones, and knees.  These problems prevented me from cooking, house cleaning, shopping, walking, and standing for long periods of time.  Before coming to Bigbie Chiropractic I went to my MD and a physical therapist.  I took pain medication and a topical cream.  After care at Bigbie chiropractic I felt better after about 2 weeks.  At this point I am feeling much better.  Thank You to Dr. Bigbie and his wonderful staff.


Margaret - Leesville, SC

I Move So Much Better Now!

Hi, I’m Margaret, and I have been coming to Dr. Bigbie’s office for nearly six months now.  When I first started, I had to use a walker or a cane every time I walked.  I had a hard time getting up from a sitting position, and I had to stand for a while before I could even move.  My equilibrium was bad and I was very shaky.  I was falling frequently, had migraines often, and was always in pain unless I was at rest.  Now, thanks to these wonderful doctors and their awesome staff, I walk short distances without assistance, get up much easier, move better with much better balance, AND I’m not so shaky!  My migraines are better and not as frequent.  I’ve never been anywhere where I’ve been so well treated by the whole staff.  Everyone knew my name from the very first day!  They treat you like they really care about you, and they do all of this with a smile from the heart!


Judy - Columbia, SC

The DRX9000 worked a Miracle on my body!!!

My name is Judy, and I started with sciatic nerve problems back in May of 2010.  I had gone to see a chiropractor and after some treatment, they told me they had helped me as much as they could.  Then I heard about Dr. Bigbie’s office and I decided to come here two months ago for the spinal decompression.  It has worked a Miracle on my body! I was in severe pain when I first came in.  I could not even lift my leg to put my pants on, and it was so difficult to get dressed. I was having pain from my lower back into my left hip that shot down my left leg, and it even caused my lower left leg to be numb. That has improved 100 percent!  Now I don’t ever take pain medicine or anti-inflammatories!  And I just need to say Thank You to all the doctors and the staff, everyone has been awesome, so supportive, and very friendly!  It has been a great experience for me!


Roy - Columbia, SC

I avoided knee surgery!

Hi, I’m Roy and I came to Bigbie Chiropractic because of my knee pain.  I was trying to avoid surgery that I was told I needed.  The pain and situation made me grouchy.  I was unable to do my work that I was required to do.  I prior to care went to Moores Clinic and took over the counter drugs for pain relief.  After starting care at Bigbie Chiropractic, I was able to perform better and my knees didn’t hurt as much.


Gavin - West Columbia, SC

Now He Is Medicine-Free!

Hi, I’m Candace, and this is my son Gavin.  We’ve been coming to Bigbie Chiropractic for a couple of months now.  Gavin had chronic congestion and reflux, and exhibited all the symptoms of allergies. We had tried everything! He saw all kinds of doctors and specialists, and had all kinds of tests. They all came back negative. He even had tubes put in his ears, went through breathing treatments and everything.  And he had a whole long list of medications he was taking.  But now his reflux is gone, and his chronic congestion is gone!  And he is medicine-free! I just want to thank all the doctors at Dr. Bigbie’s office. We got more information and advice on what to do and what to take him off here than anywhere else. He actually had a sensitivity to dairy that none of the other doctors or specialists found.  We’re doing great now!


Robert - Lexington, SC

I will be pain free by the end of my treatment!

Hi, my name is Robert and I came to Bigbie Chiropractic for treatment of my left knee.  My arch failed and everything tilted inward which produced pain and a limp.  Collateral benefit from therapy here is that they did some adjustments on my back.  I’ve had chronic back pain condition for the last 20 years and I no longer have that.  I’m halfway through my therapy and now I have no pain in my back. So that’s a definite plus.  I have about another month left in my treatment for my knee.  The pain level has gone down significantly, it was a constant 1.  On a bad day when I am on my feet all day, at the end of the day it would increase to a 2. Now the pain is less than a 1 and I anticipate that I will be pain free by the end of my treatment here.


Elaine - Irmo, SC

I feel like a different person!

Hi, I’m Elaine and I began to have pain every day in my right hip area and in my neck area on the right side.  I was having a dull headache all day and could not relieve it without taking an aspirin.  I could not sleep without pain.  When I would sit for a while or ride a distance, my mobility was affected when I would get out of the car or chair.  I continued to do my activities but always with pain.  I could not last as long as usual though due to pain.  Before I started at Bigbie Chiropractic, I would take aspirin and use a heating pad or take a hot bath to help with the pain.  I did not have any pain after several treatments, I had no headaches and my mobility is great.  I feel like a different person.


Lisa - Prosperity, SC

Three Bulging Discs Cured WITHOUT Drugs or Surgery!

“Hi, my name is Lisa and I am 47 years old. In December 2009 I started having severe pain in my hips and my lower back. I went to my medical doctor and he diagnosed me with bursitis in my hips and arthritis in my lower back. He put me on two arthritis medications and they did not work so he gave me a prescription for Celebrex and that helped a little but I was still in a tremendous amount of pain. I then decided to go to a specialist in Charleston because at only 47 years old I really didn’t think I should be hurting like I was. On my third visit I was still in a tremendous amount of pain so he did an MRI of my lower back. The MRI showed that I had three bulging discs in my lower back that was causing my pain and the specialist sent me to a pain clinic. I decided not to go to the pain clinic because I knew that they were going to do injections and more medications and maybe even surgery. I decided instead to come to Dr. Bigbie’s office to see if there was anything he could do for me. After my second adjustment at Bigbie Chiropractic the pain was significantly reduced to the point that it was almost gone! This office is a miracle, I advise everyone to come and I am so thankful to God and to Bigbie Chiropractic for everything they have done for me. They have changed my life.”


Linda - SC

After one adjustment my knee pain, stiffness, and limp are gone!

“Hi, my name is Linda Karl and I started coming here because of my knee pain. I have severely decreased range of motion, osteoporosis, and arthritis in my knee. I had a cortisone injection in my knee a couple weeks ago and it didn’t even touch the pain. I came in to Doctor Bigbie’s office for just one adjustment and already my knee feels incredibly better. I can move it more than I ever could before, the pain is much less, the stiffness is gone, and it really feels great. I really appreciate Doctor Bigbie and his staff, I wish I would have known that Chiropractors helped knees years ago!”


Hammond - Ward, SC

Since my specific scientific chiropractic adjustments,

my knees don’t hurt and I can walk better!

My name is Hammond, and before I started coming to Dr. Bigbie’s office, I had trouble walking, and my legs and my knees were hurting.  But since I began treatment here at Bigbie Chiropractic, I am able to walk much better, my knees do not bother me nearly as much, and I don’t have the pains I used to have. Thank you doctors!!


MarryAnn - Lexington, SC

My Vertigo Is Gone!

Hi, my name is Maryann, and I started coming here a couple of years ago.  Unfortunately since that time I had acquired some vertigo and the original episode was very severe.  So the doctors began working with me to try different treatments to get rid of the vertigo. With the treatments, exercises, and neurological tests, the vertigo got better, so I was really happy.  And now the vertigo is completely gone! Thank You!


Helen - Ward, SC

Specific scientific chiropractic adjustments helped my back and my knees!

My name is Helen, and I’ve been coming to Dr. Bigbie’s office for about four months now.  When I first started treatment, I was barely able to walk.  I was having terrible muscle spasms in my back, my legs were going numb, and I had pain and arthritis in both of my knees.  I was living off of 3 or 4 advils every single day.  But since I’ve been coming to Bigbie Chiropractic, my back spasms have eased up and my knees feel a whole lot better!  They are not swelling and not in nearly as much pain, and I am no longer taking the advil, thank God! Walking is easier, and I am able to walk more, and I just feel better. I have recommended to all my friends and family that they come to the office. I thank Dr. Bigbie and his staff for everything they have done to help me walk with less pain and stop taking all that medication. Thank you!


Barbara - Lexington, SC

 My Knee Pain Is Gone!

 Hi, I’m Barbara, and before, when I went to bed, I knew my knees were going to hurt on the inside.  So I would put a pillow in between my knees, take a Tylenol, and then still toss and turn most of the night because they hurt!  But since I’ve been coming to Bigbie Chiropractic, about a week or week and a half now,  Dr. Mubarak has changed that.  My knees no longer hurt at night and I can sleep!  I had no idea chiropractic would help so quickly!  Thank you!


JB - Pomaria, SC

I’m able to walk again!

Hi, I’m JB and I was going to an orthopedic doctor, unsuccessfully, for a year and a half before my daughter found Bigbie chiropractic. I had severe low back pain on the right. I was getting nowhere going to the orthopedic doctor, after 6 rounds of injections, only one of them worked. I started out here this November on the DRX program, and have had a tremendous improvement.  I’m able to walk again, I can spend time with my grandkids, and I actually have spent time out in the woods hunting; which I love and am very passionate about.  I have just experienced just a huge, huge improvement overall.  I’d like to thank the staff, Dr. Bigbie and everyone down here. They are a super great group of people, they’re nice and friendly and absolutely wonderful. Enjoy and thank you!


Sara - Columbia, SC

80 to 100% Improvement in One Month!

Hi, I’m Sara and I started coming to Bigbie Chiropractic four weeks ago. I had severe pain and could barely bend or walk by the time I came in. I decided to try chiropractic care because I have already been through orthopedic care, and did want to have any more surgeries, injections, or medications. I have been very pleased since I have been here. I have had 80- 100% improvement already, and I look forward to the rest of my treatment. Thank you to everyone at Bigbie Chiropractic!


Allen - Wagener, SC

The cervical decompression has been a miracle!

Hi, I’m Allen, and I injured my neck about 30 years ago diving in the river.  I’ve been to different doctors and chiropractors but no one has been able to help, but I heard about Dr. Bigbie’s office, so I gave them a try.  When I came I was hoping not for a miracle but just a little bit of relief, but I’ve gotten a miracle!  The cervical decompression has helped me to feel way better. But I don’t just feel better physically.  The friendliness and attitude of everyone here is very good for me emotionally as well.  I just want to thank Dr. Bigbie and all of his staff immensely!


Ayce - Columbia, SC

My 16 month old hasn’t had to take Zyrtec and he is healthier than ever!

“Hello, my name is Randy and this is my son Ayce. Ayce is only 16 months old and he has already had pneumonia three times. He gets chronic ear infections, since he was born he has always gets sick, he always congested and wheezing. He has been on so many medications since he was born and the last medicine the doctor wanted to put him on was Zyrtec. Instead of giving him yet another drug we decided to bring him here to Bigbie Chiropractic and get him checked. Since he has been coming here has been a whole new baby. He hasn’t been sick, he has had no ear infections, no pneumonia, he walks better, he loves getting adjusted, and best of all we didn’t have to give him the Zyrtec and antibiotics. We want to thank everybody at Bigbie Chiropractic for taking good care of our son Ayce.”


Brenda - Leesville, SC

My pain is gone AND I avoided back surgery!

Hi, my name is Brenda, and I’ve been coming to Bigbie Chiropractic for a few of weeks now.  Prior to my treatment here, I was expecting to have more back surgery because of the extensive pain I had in my back, and I was scared to death about that! But after my third visit, I was already able to wean myself off of three of the medications I had been on, including a muscle relaxer and an opiate, and I was able to reduce another drug absolutely in half.  Currently, I’m down to once in a while taking only one pain medicine, only as need be. The difference has been amazing! The repositioning of my spine has eliminated 99% of the pain and has added to that much more agility. And once again, Bigbie Chiropractic has been awesome, thank you!!!!


Emmanual - Leesville, SC

My severe neck and low-back pain is better!

“Hello, my name is Emmanual and I started coming to Bigbie Chiropractic after I was in a car accident where I was rear-ended and suffered terrible neck and low-back pain. The pain was so bad that I was having a difficult time doing my job, focusing on things, and my friends and family noticed that I was grouchy and more irritable than normal. I couldn’t sit, work, bend, or lift much of anything without the terrible pain in my neck and low-back getting worse. I went to the emergency room and the only thing they did was send me home with medications that made concentrating and doing my job extremely difficult. After I started coming to Dr. Bigbie’s office my neck pain improved, I stopped having headaches, and my low-back pain improved also. I was able to perform my normal duties at work without the severe pain that I had suffered from before. I want to thank all the doctors at Bigbie Chiropractic and the staff for being so nice and helping me so much.”


Natalie - Hopkins, SC

Because of the DRX 9000, I am pain free!!

Hi, my name is Natalie, and I came to Dr. Bigbie’s office because I had terrible low back pain.  Approximately 12 years ago I had my first back surgery, I had a second surgery about 5 years later, and after that I still had to resort to epidural injections for pain control.  I was eating Advil like they were life savers, I was constantly taking muscle relaxers, and I was still terribly uncomfortable.  I could not perform my job, and I was not able to do anything for recreation.  I thought I was on my last leg.  I came here for the DRX 9000 spinal decompression, and these wonderful people have already improved the quality of my life!!  Because of the treatments and adjustments I no longer take Advil every day, and I don’t take any more muscle relaxers.  I was recently able to sit through an entire ballet with no medicine and no pain!!  I can not thank Dr. Bigbie and his staff enough for improving my life so immensely!


 Angie - Lexington, SC

 Now I Can Do Everything Better, With No Pain!

Hi, I’m Angie, and I came to Bigbie Chiropractic because my husband insisted on it!  I was having such bad low back pain that I was hurting every day, I couldn’t sleep, and I was very irritable.  It prevented me from doing my everyday things like housework, lifting, or bending.  I had gone to my medical doctor, who gave me cortisone shots and narcotic pain relievers, but I still hurt.  But since I started spinal decompression treatment here on the DRX9000, I can bend better.  I can do all things better with NO PAIN, and I can sleep at night again!  Now I am much easier to live with!  Thank you!


Bonnie - Lexington, SC

After my specific chiropractic adjustments, I am pain free!

“Hi, my name is Bonnie.  For several years, I’ve had a lot of back pain and neck pain.  Since I’ve been coming to Dr. Bigbie’s office, my back and neck pain have decreased a great deal.  I am getting more rest at night.  I can do much more around the house.  It’s been a great relief to have been able to get rid of most of these pains.  I would like to thank Dr. Bigbie’s office for their help.”


Belinda - Gilbert, SC

I’m not a skeptic anymore!

“My name is Belinda Sells, I am a patient of Dr. Bigbies’ and I consider myself a success story. I came to Dr. Bigbie with hip pain and a lot of low back pain and now after a few short months I am pain free. He also introduced me to the ‘Isagenix” program and I have lost 13 pounds! I also am using the ‘Turbosonic’ machine which I have become very, totally, addicted to! I am thoroughly thankful to the Doctors and staff for their great treatment of me! I have gone from being a skeptic to being a success story, and I want to say ‘thank you’!


Brianna - Lexington, SC

My eczema, allergies, asthma, and anxiety are gone!

“Hi, my name is Brianna Fowler. Before I started coming to Bigbie Chiropractic I had eczema all over my arms, legs, stomach and my face and I have had that for about three years. Every time I would get upset my eczema would flare up and I would scratch and it would get worse. The eczema would hold me back from sports because when I would sweat it would make the eczema worse, and it held me back from acting as well. I also have asthma and allergies-I have always been allergic to cats, dogs, hamsters, guinea pigs, everything. My asthma has been so bad that I have actually had to go to the hospital before.  I was also having trouble with feeling anxious and I was always just uneasy and worried about everything. Since I have been coming to Bigbie Chiropractic my eczema is almost completely gone. I can act and play sports and I even went on a family trip back to Canada where I stayed at many of my family’s homes who have all kinds of pets and my allergies and asthma never acted up. I feel like I have a whole new body and I have my life back. I want to thank all the Doctors and staff at Bigbie Chiropractic! ”


Billie - Leesville, SC

I have had 3 good days straight after only a few treatments!

Hi, I’m Billie and I’ve been coming to Dr. Bigbie for about a month. I was in some terrible pain in my side and my back.  I also have some numbness in my right foot.  Has had pain for years and it affected everything I did.  The pain was so bad I had to go to bed to help relieve it.  My foot would go numb when I stood.  Since I started at Bigbie Chiropractic using their DRX program I have had 3 good days straight after only a few treatments.  I now can mop the whole floor without almost any pain or numbness.  Thank you Dr. Bigbie.



Gerry - Irmo, SC

Finding this Vertigo treatment has been a Godsend!

My name is Gerry, and I came to Bigbie Chiropractic because I had extremely bad vertigo. It was so bad that I felt like I was on a merry-go-round half the time, and I didn’t think there was any hope for me.  I went online one night to find someone to help me and I found Dr. Bigbie.  His website said that he treated the vertigo, and it has been a miracle.  It truly has been a godsend that I found him.  His staff has been absolutely wonderful.  I’m able to go out and about now and not have to sit down due to dizzy spells.  I just want to thank Dr. Bigbie and his staff, I don’t know what I would have done if I had not found them.  I just thank you all with all of my heart.  And I look forward to coming here every week.  So if you have vertigo, do yourself a favor and find Dr. Bigbie, he will make it right!


Jeanette - Lexington, SC

Since having my treatment here I have had no vertigo!

Hi, I’m Jeanette from Lexington, South Carolina and I’ve had vertigo for that last several years.  I’ve had several treatments from my doctor in California which is where I came from.  I‘ve have MRIs and brain scans and been to a neurologist and they said they can’t do anything for me. I read in the paper about Bigbie Chiropractic and it said “do you have dizziness and vertigo” and I said “yes I do”. So I just called and made an appointment and got an evaluation.  Since having my treatment here I have had no vertigo.  I’m very happy about that because when you have vertigo you are limited to driving or going places or doing anything.  So without it it’s wonderful and I thank them very much here.


Bruce - Lexington, SC

My posture has gotten better!

“Hi my name is Bruce Debruin and I came here because my wife and I noticed that my upper back was getting hunched over from working on a computer for the last 25 years.  I would also have to clear my throat every few seconds when I talked because it just felt like I had poor drainage.  I was having trouble breathing and I would cough all the time.  I travel every week and my wife signed me up for this while I was away.  The first thing I noticed once I started treatment was that I lost a pound a day for the first ten days of treatment!  My posture has gotten better, I run 25-30 miles a week, I travel a lot and the stretches and postural exercises that they taught me have helped.  All in all, I’m feeling better.  I can now talk and breathe properly without problems.  I’m very happy.  I want to thank my wife for signing me up, and Dr. Bigbie and his staff for taking very good care of me.”


Carmen - Lexington, SC

Now I Don’t Need Surgery!

Hi, I’m Carmen, and I came to Bigbie Chiropractic Office because I had pain in my neck, back, hip, wrist, knee, and foot.  The pain had been there for years, and sometimes the pain in my foot was so bad I could not even walk at work. Every doctor I went to just wanted to give me pain medications and do surgery on my foot and back.  But now, after I started getting regular adjustments, I don’t have any more pain in my right foot! My neck pain is gone, and my back feels much better.  Now I can work better, and I am so happy I do not need surgery!


Connie - Lexington, SC

They wanted to break my legs!

“Hello, my name is Connie and I have had problems with my right knee for many years. Eventually my knee locked up and I went to a doctor that told me that my legs were bowed below my knee. The only care that would help would be that the doctor would have to break my legs below the knee and give them a chance to re-heal. He said there wasn’t a guarantee because I am older and he said the older you are the worst results. But, since I have been coming to Bigbie Chiropractic, it is just short of a miracle that my knees are doing great! I do come in for adjustments to get realigned on a routine basis. It is something I can live and exercise with and still enjoy my life! I just want to say thank you to Dr. Bigbie and the staff for all there help.”


Alex - Chapin, SC

My peripheral neuropathy disappeared! 

My name is Alex, and I had bad Peripheral Neuropathy in both feet and in my left arm.  I couldn’t play golf, I didn’t have any strength in my left arm at all, couldn’t garden, and I couldn’t walk any distance, so those were my main problems.  I had been to medical doctors and I had a nerve study done and I’ve been on Neurontin for the pain. Nothing seemed to help and the doctors said they couldn’t do anything about it.  Nothing happened after I started chiropractic care until Regina started using some reflexology on my feet and my left arm, and it has considerably changed since then.


John - Lexington, SC

My restless leg syndrome is better!

“My name is John, I’m from Lexington SC. I started coming to Dr. Bigbie’s office because I had pain in my legs and severe low-back pain, and restless leg syndrome. I have been coming for about a month now and I am completely pain free and my sleep is so much better! I cannot thank everyone at Bigbie Chiropractic enough! ”


Bobby - Columbia, SC

The Numbness In My Legs Is Almost Completely Gone!

My name is Bobby, and I was having numbness in both of my legs all the way down to my toes.  I went to see my M.D. about it, he sent me to Richland Hospital, and they checked it out and said they didn’t see anything wrong.  They didn’t give me any treatment or medication or anything.  I was already a patient at Dr. Bigbie’s office, so I decided I needed to see what my chiropractors could do to help me. I began a specialized program about two months ago, and now the right leg is just about completely back to normal, and the left leg is almost there too! I really do appreciate all the help that I get from the staff here, they are all so nice. My wife and I love coming here for our treatments, and we know we will continue to come here anytime we have a problem.  Thank you!


Nancy - W. Cola, SC

I am having more good days compared to bad!

“Hi, my name is Nancy Richards my pain began 16 years ago in my neck. Eventually the pain involved my entire body and I was unable to work, do housework or do yard-work for the past 4 years. I was completely unable to do anything physical, scrub, sweep, vacuum, mop, exercise, shop, climb stairs, or do dishes. Before I came to see Doctor Bigbie I tried stretching, walking on the treadmill, Vioxx, Celebrex, Methotrexate, Neurontin, Prednisone, and Mobic, and nothing helped. Since I began Chiropractic care at Doctor Bigbie’s office I have had so many positive changes. I have lost a few pounds, I can do so much more around the house, I have no more neck pain, no pain between the shoulder blades, no pain at the waistline or low back. My entire family sees a great improvement in the way I move and in my personality as well!! Also after 2 months of treatments 3 times per week I have noticed that I am having “sugar-lows” every day (I am diabetic). It turns out that my body is beginning to regulate itself better and I am becoming less dependant on my external insulin!!


Pat - Lexington, SC

Chiropractic saved me from back surgery!

Hi, my name is Pat, and when I started coming to Dr. Bigbie’s office I had a problem with my right leg, I could not lift it more than a couple of inches off of the floor and I needed help.  Before coming here, I had lived in Florida for many years, and was being seen by a chiropractor down there for bulging L4 and L5 discs, and the resulting sciatica. This care saved me from back surgery, pain pills, and muscle relaxers, and allowed me to continue dancing three nights a week as well as do all the walking my job required. But after I moved, and time passed, I was not able to keep up my dancing or my chiropractic maintenance. After having been out chiropractic care for about 14 months, it really set me back. I was almost back to square one, and I had to start over. But since I’ve been back under chiropractic care, I’ve seen vast improvement. I’m not yet completely well, but I know that I’m getting there. I can now lift my leg up off the floor and move it in a marching motion, and I just think that’s wonderful. I recommend to anybody that has any kind of back pain or health condition that they consult a chiropractor, because medicine does not make you well, you have to heal from the inside out. It takes time and repetition, and I am so grateful to these doctors and their staff for their patience, kindness, and friendliness. You always feel welcome when you walk in the door, and for that I just want to say Thank You!


Christine - Chapin, SC

I’m so thankful to have my life back!!

Hi, my name is Christine, and I’ve suffered from numerous chronic conditions for most of my life.  I’ve had migraine headaches, IBS, just general poor health that continued to get worse.  In December of 2010, I was referred to the Mayo Clinic where I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia.  At that point my quality of life was very poor.  I was having daily migraines - I could barely stand to be in the sun without triggering a migraine.  But with the help of Dr. Bigbie and his staff, I’ve had tremendous improvement with my stomach issues, and a great reduction in the number of migraine headaches.  And I just feel a tremendous overall sense of better health and quality of life.  So I am very thankful for the doctors and staff at Bigbie Chiropractic for helping me get my life back!


Janice - Columbia, SC

My Knees Felt Better After One Treatment!

Hello, my name is Janice, and I came to Bigbie Chiropractic Clinic because of my knees.  I had pain and arthritis in both.  After the first treatment, I could tell a tremendous difference! Now I am walking a lot better.  And I feel a lot better, as far as my spine being aligned and everything. I am so appreciative. And I’m so glad I saw the ad in the paper that led me here and to this wonderful experience.  When I’m done with my treatments everything will be set for me!  Thank you!


Nova - Leesburg, SC

I have no more symptoms of Carpal Tunnel!

“My name is Nova, and I’ve been coming to Dr. Bigbie for a while.  I came with leg pain, knee pain, and carpal tunnel syndrome.  Since I’ve been coming, I have no more knee pain.  At one time I could hardly get up and down by myself.  But now I’m able to exercise, and I have no symptoms of carpal tunnel.  I want to thank Dr. Bigbie and his staff!”


Donnie - Lexington, SC

Thanks to the DRX 9000 my back pain is gone!

“Hi my name is Donnie from Lexington, SC. I came to Dr. Bigbie with severe lower back pain.  I’ve just finished my 20th treatment today.  If you have any low back pain, I recommend the DRX 9000.  It works wonders!  I appreciate Dr. Bigbie’s staff.  They have been more than courteous, more than kind and extremely polite.  I’d like to thank Dr. Bigbie for helping me avoid surgery.”



Trish - Batesburg, SC

I wake up in the morning pain free!                                         No More Painful Fibromyalgia!!!!!

Hi, my name is Trish, and I was diagnosed about four months ago with fibromyalgia. The pain started one day when I woke up with my right arm hurting and it just kept getting worse each day. The pain would progress during the day and by the night it would be horrible. I had trouble driving, working, and I would wake up in the middle of the night 4 or 5 times and have to stretch my body out. Then it started moving into my left arm.  The doctor put me on Neurontin. He told me to go ahead and start short term disability and within a few years I would end up on long term disability. I just was not ready for that!!  So I got on the internet for research, and found Bigbie Chiropractic Office.  I am very well satisfied!!  I have gone to chiropractors all my life but I had never found one that was this thorough, that explained the way the body, the brain, and how the nerves function. I have been coming now to Bigbie Chiropractic for about 5 weeks and when I first started, my pain was a 10 but today my pain is around a 1!  I wake up in the mornings without any pain!  The staff here is absolutely wonderful! I want to thank everyone at the office because I could not have done it without them!! I am looking forward to the next few months and being totally pain free!!


Betty - Gilbert, SC

My knee pain doesn’t wake me up anymore!

Hi, I’m Betty, I’m from Gilbert, and I came to see Doctor Bigbie because my knees were hurting me.  I could not sleep at all at night; I would wake up at least two or three times because of the pain.  But after about 4 visits to this office for treatment, I am not waking up during the middle of the night anymore, and I am eternally thankful for that! So thank you again Dr. Bigbie!


Katie - Lexington, SC

After chiropractic my knee pain is completely gone!

“Hi my name is Katie and I have been having a lot of knee problems over the last 2 years. It was painful to walk and even get up and down. Since I have been coming they have straightened out my knees and I am able to get up and down and I no longer have pain in my knees. The pain is absolutely gone. I never thought chiropractic would help my knees but it absolutely did! The pain in my upper back is gone now too! Come see Bigbie Chiropractic and they will straighten you out! ”


Keller Anne - Lexington, SC

I sleep a lot better, and I just feel a whole lot better about life in general!”

“My name is Keller Anne and when I first came in I was having a lot of lower back pain, standing up for a long time made my legs all tingly and I couldn’t really stand up. Every so often I would get really bad back aches. After coming into the office for about two weeks I started noticing a really big difference. I really don’t have that much back pain anymore, I sleep a lot better, and I just feel a whole lot better about life in general because I can sit for a long time and stand up for a long time and not be worried about how my back is going to feel. So thank you so much Doctor Bigbie’s office, my back feels so much better! ”


Linda - Lexington, SC

On my second visit, I couldn’t wait to tell the doctors that my leg pain was incredibly gone!

I’m Linda, and I was diagnosed several years ago with bulging discs in my lower back. The severity of the pain had grown much worse over the last several months, and I had begun to experience pain in my legs as well as restless leg syndrome.  This was definitely reducing my quality of life and resulting in sleep deprivation. When I finally was able to fall asleep, I was often awakened by the pain.  After being checked out and tested by several doctors, I was told that my options for relief were medications, physical therapy, and pain injections, and I did not want any of these things! My sister shared with me her chiropractic success story and asked me to give Dr. Bigbie’s office a try, and I am so glad I did.  Not only is my leg pain gone, but I’m also free of the restless leg syndrome that made me so fidgety! It is amazing to think that one adjustment with Dr. Mubarak’s skillful hands made a great difference in my life. I’ve already found myself recommending Dr. Bigbie’s office to others who are suffering!


Liz - Irmo, SC

My knee and thigh pain is so much better!

“Hi my name is Liz and approximately 3 years ago I had repair of a torn meniscus in my right knee. After that I had extreme pain and burning in my right thigh and my knee was very painful also. After coming here to Doctor Bigbie’s office for about 3 months the pain is gone in my right thigh, I walk a lot better, my knee is a lot better and I am so grateful for everything they have done for me!! I want to thank them so much for improving my life and my energy!! ”


Wayne - Pelion, SC

First time I was on the DRX 9000, I felt so much relief in my lower back!

Hi, I’m Wayne and I was in so much pain that I could not work.  I missed 3 weeks of work due to the pain in my back when my boss laid me off.  I was irritable most of the time due to the pain I was feeling.  I could not move without feeling pain in my back, even turning over in bed was painful.  Before I came to Bigbie Chiropractic I saw my doctor, who prescribed Naproxen, which works pretty good but was never 100% and I was worried about the side effects.  My MD also had me get a Cortizone shot in my back, which lasted overnight but wasn’t worth the cost or the pain.  I did this twice, one year apart – never again.  The first time I was on the DRX 9000, I felt so much relief in my lower back.  Everybody may not have the same amount of pain I had, but something had to give.


Emily - Columbia, SC

I have no pain when I fly!

Hi, my name is Emily. I started coming to Bigbie Chiropractic in February and it is now July.   I was having some serious pain in my neck area and head area.  Since I’ve been coming, it’s been about 6-7 months now, I flew to Colorado this past weekend and had been having ear problems and excruciating pain when I fly at a high altitude, but this time there was no pain in my back, shoulders, head, or neck area. I was so pleased and so happy!  That I was able to do that and I give thanks to Bigbie Chiropractic and all their Doctors and services.  They have really made life wonderful and better for me.


Sandra - Cayce, SC

After a few weeks my knees started feeling better!

Hi, I’m Sandra and I came to Dr. Bigbie’s office a few months ago.  I came after seeing an ad in the newspaper about Cold Laser Therapy treatment for knee pain.  My medical doctors had told me the only thing left to do for my knees was knee replacement surgery.  I came to Dr. Bigbie’s as a last resort.  I was skeptical at first that the laser treatment would work, but after a few weeks my knees started feeling better and have improved with each treatment.  I would highly recommend the laser treatment with Dr. Bigbie and his staff.  Everyone there is very friendly and makes you feel welcome.